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Clear MAGIC liner pen TM, add any lash style FREE


Product Description

its soooo easy to apply! Simply the quickest and easiest lash system on todays market.

If like me you struggle to apply strip lashes and dont like the black eyeliner appearance that the black magnetic lash systems on the market offer?

We got the answer,  clear, Magic liner pen TM ,is quick and simple to use.  Simply swipe along the lash line and attach lash. No need to wait till the glue goes tacky just apply asap. no black eyeliner , no mess, simple....voila!

It is that simple!

Great for you busy ladies out there!

  • strong hold 
  • no mess
  • for use with any strip lashes
  • Cruelty-free & Vegan

    WHAT ARE YOUR LASHES MADE FROM? Our lashes are made from premium synthetic silk. No animal products are used in the testing and manufacturing of our lashes.

  • WHAT IS DIFFERENT TO REGULAR ADHESIVE ? you simply swipe across the lash line , not on the lash strip or your natural lashes, so there is no damage to the natural lash, its super quick to use, no hanging around for the glue to go off, without any compromise  on the strength, no skills required, no black lines, easy to remove.  Remove with soap and water or your usual make up remover, or lush lashes luxury lash shampoo, £10.99 includes brush, go on treat your self! 

  •  Lush lashes eyelashes are made for up to 30+ uses made from  vegan silk they feel sooooo soft..

  •  HOW LONG WILL THE MAGIC LINER PEN LAST?  Its hard to say ! how many times  do you apply your lashes? but replace the lid every time so it doesnt dry out and 2/3 months perhaps.

  • IS THE MAGIC LINER PEN  SAFE?  Deffo! safety and health comes first.

    There are absolutely no parabens, phthalates or formaldehyde in our formula. We only work with trustworthy suppliers who are compliant with the UK safety standards

  •  CAN  I APPLY MAKEUP AND USE THE MAGIC PEN AND LASHES? Deffo, just apply make up as usual

  •  WHAT IF THERE If I AM NOT HAPPY with MY MAGIC PEN AND LASHES?  That is fine! contact us and we will be happy to exchange or refund!, WITH OUR 30 DAY GUARANTEE.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Love this pen!

Makes putting on my lashes so much easier than typical lash glue. Honestly never going back!

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